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The Statue of Liberty attracts millions of visitors every year to the city of New York. Among these visitors are many who travel to Brooklyn to see the statue. The Brooklyn Bridge is nearby and the view from that area is spectacular. This article offers information about the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Museum, locksmith in Brooklyn, two attractions in Brooklyn that tourists frequently visit.



The Statue of Liberty attracts millions of visitors every year to the city of New York. Among these visitors are many who travel to Brooklyn to see the statue. The statue is located on Staten Island, near Brooklyn. Staten Island is a peninsula of land between New York City and Brooklyn. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated in New York City on July 14, 1776. The statue is one of the most visited landmarks in New York City and Brooklyn.


The Brooklyn Museum is another attraction in Brooklyn that attracts many visitors each year. The museum, which was founded in 1857, is one of the premier museums in all of America. In July, thanksgiving, the museum will celebrate its one hundredth year of existence. Many events are planned for the September celebration including a classical call performance by the orchestra and a garden concert featuring choirs from across the world.


A number of Brooklyn restaurants will be celebrating their twenty-fifth year of operation this November. Among these restaurants are Fernside, Babalou Restaurant, Burt’s Bee Cafe, Joe Brown’s Bar, and Grille, idea, Pincarellis, and The Dogwood Grill. All of these restaurants will be offering special menu items on July and thanksgiving. Fernside will be offering a six-course meal for adults with an optional four-course meal for kids. Both times are six dollars.


Babalou and Burt’s Bee will offer lunch specials on both September and thanksgiving. The restaurant will feature a traditional menu of pasta, prime rib, and chicken entrees. For dessert, diners will find several types of pies, including chocolate mousse, apple cider cinnamon pecan pie, and a pumpkin pie. Appetizers and drinks will also be offered. The restaurant will offer a variety of mixed drink selections, such as prosecco, sangria, and rum punch.


Joe Brown’s Bar and Grille will feature a three-course dinner on November and have thanksgiving for the fans of the restaurant. Appetizers will include foie gras, shrimp cocktail, roasted vegetable medley, as well as a vegetarian main dish. Other entrees will include crab cakes, lobster bisque, prime rib, and a Maine lobster roll. Drinks will include blueberry juice, peach and lemonade, or white rum punch. There is even a bar special for non-alcoholic beverages.

Restaurants In Brooklyn

Brio Tuscan Restaurant will feature a three-course menu on September and is thanksgiving for their patrons. One of the entrees will be their beefsteak mushroom pizza, which comes with caramelized onions, mushrooms, pepper, garlic, and caramelized bell pepper. A second entree will be the fettuccine Alfredo with fresh spinach, mushrooms, broccoli florets, and creamy parmesan sauce on the side. A third dish will be the Lasagna Carbonara with creamy mascarpone sauce, fettuccine Alfredo, and broccoli rabe. Other drinks include the chocolate mint chocolate foam beverage, peach and lemonade, and the strawberry cordial.



For many students, Spring Break will always remain one of the most important times of the year. They return from college eager to explore different parts of the country. Many choose to stay in a hotel while they are in Spring Break, and there are some very fine hotels located in both Brooklyn and Nassau County for this purpose locksmith Service in Brooklyn. Hotel Brooklyn is among those select hotels that offer the best amenities and facilities for those who wish to spend their time in style while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.